our story

There was a time when I used to be homeless and a church named Under Over Fellowship in Conroe, TX partnered the gospel with a sandwich, and I gave my life to Christ. They put me thru there men's discipleship program. When I graduated, they helped me get a job on a tugboat. Trying to stay sober I begged them to let me back into the mission while I worked in the ship channel. That single decision to chase after Christ put me in a position where I was healthy enough spiritually, physically, and financially to take advantage of an opportunity to start my own commercial cleaning company, nine months later.

An unconditional love demonstrated by Jesus Christ thru Under Over Fellowship when I was in the height of my sin, was the catalyst for my change. This unconditional love affected me so much, that I am now a youth pastor at the same church that took me off the streets. This is the Zebedee Advantage.

We have been open for almost four years. If you look at our reviews or call any of our references, above and beyond is what we do. Not because of the money, or the opportunity to be in business, we do it for someone who is bigger than us.

We are in the process of selling our home and needed some deep cleaning done. They came out and did a beautiful job! Very happy. 😊 Judy P. ★★★★★