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Professional medical-grade cleaning services for your business or office.
Conroe, Texas

Conroe, Texas

Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer commercial cleaning services for your medical facility, church, business, or office in the greater Conroe and surrounding areas. Today's health threats deserve focused, medical-grade cleaning and disinfecting. Our team of cleaning and disinfecting professionals will give your place of business the attention it needs to keep your staff and customers safe.

We hired Zebedee to do some specialized cleaning inside of our food facility here in Conroe, TX and they delivered the results we were seeking. They complied with all of the requirements that we have as a food manufacturing facility and would hire them all over again for future projects that may arise. Thank you Pascal! David C. ★★★★★
Residential, Business, Office, and Construction Site

COVID-19 Decontamination

We offer hospital grade COVID-19 decontamination services for your home, business, offices, medical facility, daycare, construction site, food processing plant, warehouse, restaurant, gym,etc. in the greater Conroe and Montgomery county.

We only use CDC and EPA recommended disinfectants and always ensure the proper disinfecting procedures are strictly followed to achieve proper surface contact and kill-time.

Our disinfecting and decontamination cleaning procedures are also effective against Influenza A/B/C, H1N1, AIDS, SARS, and other harmful viruses that may live on surfaces in your office or business.  

Please contact us if you have any questions about our commercial COVID-19 decontamination and disinfecting procedures. 

Professional Cleaning

Medical Facility Cleaning Services

We offer professional cleaning services for medical facilities in the greater Conroe and surrounding areas. One-time deep cleaning services are available, or recurring night cleaning three to five days per week.

Pricing and availability depends on the size of your space, the furnishings, type of flooring, and hours during which cleaning can occur. Contact us for more information or an estimate.



Before we start off, I want to thank you for the opportunity to be the one you depend on. Our primary focus is to make sure that the church is ready to spread the word of god and uplift those in need. We can help you be ready for that. Our hearts' desire is to use our equipment to keep your building sanitized.  

Contact us to learn why all churches are choosing us. Not only are we a business, but we double as a ministry.


Our Story

Our faith is very important to us. We strive to serve our clients as if we are serving the Lord. We'll treat your business like it's our very own. Not only will we work hard for you, but we'll protect your corporate image. We are founded on going above and beyond!